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Armchair Anarchist ~ I think it’s well beyond time the people in this country – if not around the world – got up off their knees and started focusing on governing self. We don’t need any of this government body to handle our affairs in its current state. Sadly, the Republitarded right is too short sighted and ignorant (and brainwashed and uneducated and dim witted and . . .) to comprehend that not everyone who finds them to be useless, repugnant sociopaths is inevitably a “liberal” (most of them don’t even remotely know what that word means . . . they’re just a bunch of parrots anyway) and that the Demotarded left is too spineless, lazy and inefficient to get anything done that isn’t costly and nonproductive. The fact is, Anarchism is where we need to go next because the current system is broken and is never going to get fixed without a violent revolution. I’m down. 

Armchair Sleuths ~ My sister site dedicated to true crime, conspiracy and forensics. I’ve been an armchair sleuth most of my life . . . excited and impassioned by the idea of solving mysteries, uncovering truths, and hopefully being part of the shift that brings about justice. I roll up my sleeves and jump in. Investigations, true crime, and conspiracies are such a daily part of my reality that I created Armchair Sleuths as a venue to explore some of my favorite cases. 

Born Again Atheist ~ I had it right the first time. Years back, I’d find myself stumbling into the whole “god is fiction vs triggered crackpot” debates but eventually it just got old dealing with people who demand you consider them intelligent and who turn around and buy into such nonsense. I don’t have the time, nor the patience, to indulge those debates and arguments. It’s a topic that I might visit on occasion but the biggest reason it is home here is because it’s part of who I am and how I see the world and there will be those moments that I feel an unleashing bubbling up so I need a spot for it.

Conspiracy CornerFound on Armchair Sleuths – meta discussion here. Note: I’m an educated woman who’s been around a spell. I am well aware that this government (if not all of them worldwide) has become so corrupt and drunk on their power trips they truly do believe they are our masters. Well, I don’t live on my knees. Nobody rules me but me. I used to get caught up in the romanticism and mystique of the conspiracies because it was fun and exciting. After 9/11 when I could never find the Boeing, it opened my eyes to the realities of how far certain factions of this government will go to pursue and strengthen their agenda. My focus, however, is an examination of the evidence from the perspective of a criminal investigation, crime scene investigation, forensics, and “just the facts, ma’am.” I usually disregard the general conspiracy theorists sweeping claims of political factions vs religious ones unless the case is literally a part of that tapestry, which it’s usually not.

Cooking, Coffee & Chat ~ Fairly self explanatory. I’m somewhat of a foodie, but not the pretentious sort. I won’t be spamming my front page with dozens of mouthwatering, delicious recipes but on occasion, when I stumble over something particularly appealing I will share it here. Over coffee. And perhaps some good company and conversation. 

Crafty Kara ~ It has been a long, long time since I’ve been able to sit down and just indulge in DIY projects and crafting. I envy so many of these crafting channels on You Tube and have collected so many wonderful videos chock full of fun ideas that it’ll take me forever to finish filling up that playlist. I’ve been getting into paper flowers, quilling, wire wrapping and jewelry and doll making more recently. And paper craft. There is so much. So I need a spot to learn, create and share.

Denied Justice ~ This is one subject I get extremely passionate about right quick and is mostly focused on wrongful convictions, lazy police work, corrupt justice system and victims being further victimized by a broken system. My first experience of this level of injustice came about through learning about the case of the West Memphis Three to the wrongful conviction of Paul Cortez in the homicide of Catherine Woods. I just can’t look the other way. I probably get way more invested than I should but hey . . . at least somebody is.

Dumbass Awards ~ There’s one born every minute and there is one dying off just as quickly. To best describe this particular topic, for those who can’t quite work it out, I’ll just leave this right here and move on to the next one. 

Self-taught “rocket scientist” plans to fire himself 1800 feet high to proof that the earth is flat on Saturday.


Entertainment Makers ~ Generally tied to the media topics to come, Entertainment Makers gives me the opportunity to chat about some of my favorite actors, music makers, and celebrities or discuss the state of affairs when any of them make the news in a more positive way. It would also give me some room to share my thoughts and feelings when we lose those who brightened the world with their special talent and charisma. 

Entrepreneur ~ I don’t know about you but I’ve spent a good portion of my life working for other people, lining their pockets, and then being treated as though I’d just single handedly launched the zombie apocalypse for taking a few days off from time to time and well, not anymore. I’m way too old for that. In fact, I’m getting closer to the Second Act than getting started in life so I’m more focused on lucrative ventures that pay and pay well. Those over which I am the CEO lining my own pockets. If you like making money, sharing ideas and having fun, stop in some time and let’s kick around some blueprints for a better way of life.

Everything Else ~ Because I’m pretty sure I forgot one.

Groove ~ Because:

Home Sweet Home ~ Well, considering this is a vanity site all about yours truly and stuff I enjoy writing about and discussing, I suppose at some point I’d be delving into my real life. Probably won’t be regularly but hey . . . I’m not a mystery. I just prefer to keep online and offline separate and enjoy a bit of anonymity now and then.

#Humor ~ That’s the funniest shit I’ve heard all day! I love to laugh. I enjoy the high. I embrace that neuro cocktail that brightens up my world. I enjoy sharing. So this is where it’ll happen.

Kara Kelly Net ~ Housekeeping matters.

Kara On The Line ~ I spend time on the web. Whether it’s surfing adventures or web design & graphics, or even new software tools, this should cover it all.  I’m self taught pretty much everything (of course, since laptops did not exist when I was in school) and enjoy learning new stuff. And while I am here, for those who don’t get the reference, this is where it came from. Gotta love Vince, yeah?

News & Headlines ~ When shit hits the fan and you need news you can count on, don’t look for it here. I’m usually late as hell to breaking events because I don’t watch tv. I cut the cable cord in 2009 and haven’t looked back. I get news alerts and keep up with things online. Some of it I just might delve into right here when I need to catch up.

Prep School ~ Originally this was going to be called Atheist Prepper but I already have 2 other “atheist” based topics. No need to over sell it. I’m an atheist. I don’t believe in all the woo and silly stuff – though I did at one time. I needed to make the distinction, however, because I am a big fan of Prepping, survivalist paradigm and the “impending economic collapse / EMP attack / Red Dawn” scenario in which I and my favorite people will naturally survive while all you peons will die off and leave the planet to us. Joking aside, after my former husband’s quite unexpected suicide yanked the rug out from under me and our son, I learned the hard way that I was not as prepared for SHTF as I’d assumed.

We had a rough, rough 2 years in a material sense, not even to mention the emotional blast. My son and I learned a great deal by having to figure it out on the spot and while I hope like hell to never end up in that place again, it’s definitely an experience I am ultimately grateful to have endured. We know how to survive. We are survivors. This topic will revisit some of those ideas of being prepared but in a realistic way . . . for those times you need to be crystal clear that jesus isn’t going to save you anymore than Spiderman is going to save you . . . so if you don’t stand up and work it out, you will land harder than you thought.

Rockin’ The Hill ~ I am torn on this topic. I don’t want to have it on here because it reminds me I am not 20 25 36 47 51 anymore. Born in ’63, I know all the words to the theme songs of H. R. Puffinstuff and The Courtship of Eddie’s Father. Then again, I want to have it on here because I fucking know the words to The Courtship of Eddie’s goddamned father. Maybe I’ll rename it Nostalgia and sneak on to the next topic when you’re not looking.

Science, Tech & A.I. ~ I fucking love science, too! I am an eager Transhumanist, I am infatuated with the technological Singularity and hope I kick it long enough to see things evolve. I was always a transhumanist but never knew there was a word for it. My very first introduction came in 2006 with one of the coolest freebie tales ever, The Metamorphosis Of Prime Intellect. It turned out that shortly after I read that book online, I stumbled over Second Life for the first time because from the moment I’d learned about the Internet and websites I wanted my own 3D website. I assumed Second Life was what I was looking for. It wasn’t. It was 100 times cooler even with its buggy platform. It was like walking around in other peoples’ dreams. I was hooked and while I have long since left Second Life in favor of Open Sim, that experience opened the door to discovering Transhumanism was a thing at all. I rounded it out with a bad ass documentary called Technocalyps and was hooked ever since. 

STFU! My Show’s On ~ Well, if they seriously kill Carl, I won’t be going on about my former most favorite series ever, The Walking Dead, so I will need to rant and bitch a bit before moving onto some of my current favorites on order: Travelers, How To Get Away With Murder, Salvation, Stranger Things, Ozark – my list is growing enough to help take my mind off things in Alexandria. I hope it’s a fake out and they don’t wreck this show. In any case, here is my spot for all things binge worthy.

Also, man, fuck you, Scott Gimple! You jackass!

The Fine Print ~ In case it hasn’t become painfully obvious (though if you’re actually reading this off a cell phone pretty sure it has), I write. I write a lot. I enjoy it. I write all sorts of things, whether content creation for others or for myself. This is the one thing that is fundamentally who I am. I am a writer. The Fine Print is all about writing. Writing books, stories, blog posts. Publishing. Indie publishing, formatting, graphics cover work, desktop publishing. As I get my own works back on the shelves, I’ll plug those, too. One thing: while you will inevitably find entries here that, if printed, would cost you $200 bucks in ink and paper, I do not write that much in a single sitting. I write awhile and then draft it to go do other things and think about what I’ve written, what’s left to write. Then I come back and read over it, proof it most times, and write some more. I don’t expect anyone to read “the whole thing” in one sitting, either. But if you do, don’t be sending me whiny bitch mail about why I wrote so much.

Timewasters ~ I game. I am not much of a Steam FPS gamer sort though I do have a Steam account and have found a couple things I enjoy. Mostly, I enjoy creating games for others to enjoy. Board games, card games, community events. Puzzle books and a local timewaster puzzle paper inspired by the ole Weekly Readers we used to get in school with tons of fun activities. I have a lot of projects in the works and ideas for some cool games I want to create. I’m also learning a little more about virtual game dev so I can make more interesting games. Updates and evolution here.

Tis The Season! ~ I think, for most of us, the two best seasons of the year are spring and fall. Not too hot, not too cold. I used to despise winter because I lived in a rainy state growing up, so it wasn’t just cold . . . it was drill down into the core of your bones and rattle til your teeth fall out wet cold. But it would rarely snow. I moved to Arizona where there winters happen for the most part but . . . you know how it goes. It’s a dry winter. I’ve found a new appreciation for winter in a land where its beauty can be appreciated. I like to decorate and indulge in the holidays again after many years avoiding it. 

Virtual Worldbuilding & 3D Gaming ~ As mentioned previously, I am an Open Sim enthusiast . . . a builder of virtual world content, as much as virtual reality itself. Last year some time, I spent $800 on the HTC Vive and finally got to experience VR. Unfortunately, I am one of those who experienced the nausea and headaches so we ended up selling it off. Still, it’s not going to stop me from revisiting it and learning to create content for it. Though my Virtual Self has her own website, avatar, and experiences, I may share it here periodically to encourage you to check it out. I’ve found a different sort of use for building virtual environments that brings all the pleasure and none of the drama. You in? 

While I Was Out ~ Life happens. Sharing interesting events and happenings from the world outside the front door.

Word ~ I’ve got a Voice and I’m not afraid to use it. I suppose everything I put on the site is, in some form or another, a commentary for better or worse, so it probably doesn’t need a specific topic. We’ll see. If you want my thoughts on things, my take, to see where I stand, or what my latest rants and raves are, they will be labeled Word.

Wunderkammern ~ My little cabinet o’ curiosities. I have always, always had an affinity for the warped and the bizarre. The supernatural, the mysterious, the intriguing. As a kid, any souvenir shop we visited, I usually left with something macabre or clever. I’ve had many shrunken heads – loved them and loved collecting them. They’re all gone now so I have a good reason to start over. Stories written on grains of rice. A real (dead) baby shark in a jar. My favorite Marie Laveau charm bracelet and gris gris bag from New Orleans. I love tarot cards and fortune tellers, UFO sightings, postmortem photography and ghost stories. I am intrigued by the 21st century creepy pasta and stories of slender men and black eyed children. I would open a curiosity shop if I could do it all again (not now though, it’s too much work) and fill it with trinkets that make you go awwwWTF? Since I can’t, I’ll just set up shop here to share my wicked cool finds.

ZOMG! I Love That Flick! ~ It’s like tv shows and music . . . except for movies. Mostly, reviewing and suggesting some fine films, documentaries, and free flicks online that are definitely worth watching. 

So, there you have it. The official Site Tour of sorts to learn more about what’s on offer. 

Though I could’ve just left it as the list and most of you could work it out, yeah?

La Bella Vita * Nessun Rimpianto The Beautiful Life * No Regrets Mom, activist, gamer, binge watcher, writer, designer, Armchair Sleuth, militant atheist. I've got a Voice and I'm not afraid to use it.